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  • Do you do commissions?
    I do not currently take commission requests but may again in the future.
  • Why did you stop making drip paintings?
    The drip paintings are fun, but they are very time consuming and expensive to create. I also missed holding a paintbrush :)
  • Where can I see your work in person?
    Check my events page for in person events. I also have work hanging in Verboten Brewing in Downtown Loveland, as well as outside my studio at 3 Square Arts in Fort Collins. I have my original magnets available for sale in the 3 Square Art gift shop. You may also set up a studio visit with me during regular business hours at 3 Square Art via email.
  • Did you go to art school?
    Yes! I went to Iowa State University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My area of study was painting and drawing.
  • Do you teach any classes?
    No, I do not offer any art classes.
  • Why didn't you answer my question in this section? I have a really good one!
    I bet it is an awesome question! Please send me all questions to my email: Thanks!
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