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Marjorie Braverman

One of the most common - and difficult - questions I am asked as an artist is; “How long have you been an artist?” I’m never sure what answer is the appropriate one and typically say, “When I started drawing with crayons rather than eating them?” I suppose the more formal answer would be that I graduated from Iowa State University with my BFA in 2007. My concentration was in painting and drawing focusing mainly on the human figure.

You will notice that the style of my work varies from project to project. This is done with intention, as the application of paint always has a lot of thought behind it and is directly related to what I am trying to convey. I use the classical skills I acquired while earning my BFA as well as experimental methods that are born out of curiosity. 

When I'm not creating art, I enjoy spending time in nature with my love and babies. My favorite activities are hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening, wildflower hunting, yoga and attending live music.

I work out of a studio space in 3 Square Art in Fort Collins, Colorado. Check out their calendar for a list of events and classes. I love studio visits!


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