marjorie braverman, painter



Hi there. I work from a bright room with an obnoxious number of plants in Loveland Colorado. In my little space, I work from life, images in my brain or photographs taken by me or the very talented Sam. I treasure my time spent earning my BFA from Iowa State University, but you're not here because I have a piece of paper. Hopefully, you have seen something you like. Thats the dream, to create something that you have enjoyed, have been inspired by or feel a connection to. I want to make getting that feeling you experienced when viewing my art into your home or business with as much ease and enjoyment as possible. 

A selection of my work is available for purchase at Lincoln Gallery in downtown Loveland.

When I'm not creating paintings on canvas, I enjoy repurposing scrap wood and "garbage" to put in my yard. Put some paint on it, attach it to a 4x4 and enjoy. I also spend a lot of time gardening, hiking, kayaking and raising my offspring.